Poetry: Goodbye



I always knew the moment

Would come

When the facade

Of happiness

Would no longer be enough

That I could

No longer turn a blind eye

I realize

I made a choice

One I’ve always known

I would make

I’d have to let you go


I finally am

In time

Logic will bring comfort

For now

I carry

The ache of loss

The sting of finality

The heavy weight

Of knowing

Something once good is gone

The only words left to say


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Book Review: Seeing Green By Annabel Hertz

Seeing Green by Annabel Hertz 

Seeing Green


Described as a “timely, energetic and witty” story of a young woman “on a mission to puncture the stasis of Reagan-Bush environmental policy” (Book Review, Huffington Post, 04/04/2012), Seeing Green pays homage to the DC scene, international—and office—politics, and idealism. The novel also explores the rocky and rewarding terrain of family and personal relationships from the perspective of a multicultural protagonist in “a felicitously fast-moving, tightly organized narrative.” (Amazon book reviews). A thoughtful romp through the NGO world of 1992, Seeing Green “provides a refreshing contrast to today’s stale and polarized politics and reminds us that hope is possible.”

1600167_10152164384800908_58508561_n I will admit it; I hate politics. So, I was a bit skeptical entering Seeing Green. I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. The story offers a glimpse into the world of politics that is actually entertaining, and quick-witted. This was a very fast paced, and admittedly very fun read.

It delivered everything a reader could ask for: wit, a protagonist that actually makes you feel something (whether you hate her, or love her—you still feel something) and a believable story that holds you in its clutches until the very last page.

More and more I am finding myself drawn to books I would never have expected to love. It seems contemporary may be my new favourite genre. This story not only entertains, it informs. It is neat to see a glimpse into history. I have always wanted to travel to DC, and this world was crafted so elegantly it made me feel as though I have visited DC as the images of the environment and settings flashed so vividly in my mind.

Annabel Hertz has a very unique writing style. I fell in love with it from the very first paragraph.

Fantastic read that will appeal to all ages…and not just readers who like contemporary: p

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Poetry: CODA


A portrait

A lyric

A string of chords

Art speaks to the soul

Music is one of the highest art forms

It can define a life

Change a life

Even save a life

Hearing a song at just the right moment

Means someone is sending a message

I finally knew the truth

Contrary to what most people believe

Coincidences are few and far between

Everything has a purpose

Every song holds a deeper meaning

Sometimes this meaning is embedded into its CODA

Sometimes it’s buried further

Waiting to be found

To offer direction



Comfort that we are never alone

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Sweet Iron Fist Summer Fashion

1616430_10152234554850908_943087229_nSweet Iron Fist Summer Fashions


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Purrfect Fashion

1616430_10152234554850908_943087229_nPurrfect Fashion
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Poetry: Our Spirit Is Invincible

Our Spirit Is Invincible

When we lose someone we love

That love is never lost

Love can never be lost or destroyed

That love is recycled

We are the greater sum of our parts.

The memories we shared.

The love we professed.

It is always there.

There is a part of you greater than the sum of what we knew

That part goes somewhere

It is eternal

We need never be hopeless

Because we can never be irreparably broken

Our spirit is invincible

We cannot be born

We cannot die

Like all energy and matter

We simply change over time

Different shapes, sizes and manifestations

The part of us that is our soul

Cannot begin nor end

So it cannot fail

This truth is what brings comfort

And faith in what lies ahead

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Hello Kitty Fashion For Summer

1616430_10152234554850908_943087229_nHello Kitty Fashion For Summer


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