Unconditional Furry Love

Unconditional Furry Love

It is only in rare occurrences that through the course of our lifetime we find a friend that seems to be the world’s missing link to your soul. The one person that connects with you like no one else can, has, or ever will again.

Animals are more than just our pets. They love us unconditionally, and eternally. They look past your flaws and see into your soul. You can have a bad day, or even a series of bad days and be the biggest grump in the world. You can be feeling ugly, scatterbrained and miserable, they love you regardless. Not many other friends can say that?

The biggest quarrel you may have with these beloved kinds of friends is who gets which spot in the bed, or the lesson that it is not okay to purchase the discounted food to save a few bucks.

My guardian angel is approximately five pounds, she is grey with a hint of white, and inside this furry little wonder is owner of the sweetest heart and soul I have encountered in my life. Her presence restores my faith in love, God and goodness in this world. It is amazing that an animal is capable of restoring faith that other humans have robbed from you.

Yes, my precious little pal is in fact a feline. Miss Bubbles, or Princess Bubbles on high-maintenance days. The feline version of myself. Our relationship is special; it is strange and beautiful, much like the dynamics of my life.

Up until two years ago my life was normal. It wasn’t anywhere near perfect, but I was in control of every aspect. My happiness was maintained by my own actions. I had great friends, great family; a decent job and a thriving social life. I chose troubled people to befriend because I somehow thought if I had the power to fix them, I would leave my mark and make the world a better place.

Two years ago a dark, unexpected entity entered my life: cancer. Cancer is a universal villain. Everyone has been affected by this beast, either firsthand encounters or through loved ones battles.

Cancer is big, dark and scary. When diagnosed with cancer many feel as though a dark cloud constantly hovers over their life. In truth it does. Cancer spoils everything. It makes you lose sight of who you are, and the greatness your life is filled with.

Cancer treatments robbed me of my self-esteem and my happy heart. My cat was my beloved companion who shared my bedside. Sleepless nights, frequent bathroom trips to be sick, and wallowing in misery – my little buddy was there through it all. She was always at my side, protecting me. Soothing me in a way that only your angel can. Her small presence left a big mark on my life.

Yeah, most animals would see their human companions through such a time. But, my little kitty is different. In the beginning she was able to lick at the initial cancer spot to alert me, “hey this is a bad spot!” Embarrassment led me to the doctor. I thought, if my cat notices this big ‘ol mole so often, then it must be pretty gross. So, off I went to see the doctor. For purely superficial reasons, never expecting anything else to come out of the situation.

My cats taunting led me to a path that would save my life.

My hair was beautiful. It was such an important part of who I was. I could style it to show my ‘together’ days, I could throw it up when I was feeling lazy. It was a great way to express myself. After a hairdresser butchered my hair, I spent four years growing it out. It was long and beautiful, it was my pride.

My sweet little lady saw how much the loss of my hair would upset me. Each night as I would toss and turn, pieces of my hair would scatter across my pillows and my bedding. Miss Bubbles would come in and sneakily collect all of these pieces then hide them. She wanted to save me from having to gather the scattered pieces of my life, which was in fact falling, apart.

When all of my hair was gone, she would lick my head clean. Our relationship had changed, she was no longer my adopted child, it was like she had switched duties and was taking it upon herself to be my mother. Somehow, her love and affection made things bearable. It added humour to a situation with zilch comedic qualities.

Days where I feel down, she is right there with me. Days where the world is working in my favor, little Miss Bubbles is smiling right along with me. Her presence brings hope and inspires me to feel beautiful and find contentment in my life. Even though my former life is a thing of the past, she inspires me to hope for an even brighter future.

A feline, a mirror image of my soul has saved my spirit, and in fact my life. She may be a bit of an uppity kitty, with her Juicy Couture personal bed and various accessories, but just like a person there is much to be seen past the physical attributes. She may be a bit of a Princess, but having her in my life makes me feel as though I am destined to be a Queen.


About Maison Moonchild

A Canadian gal that firmly believes words can change the world. An avid reader, writer and Halloween enthusiast. She has a special interest in communications and writes for pleasure and profession. She moonlights as a metaphysical maven with a knack for creating magical crystal jewelry and holiday accessories.
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