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The Ladies of Metal is a great non-profit organization that is spreading its wonderful message of acceptance and fun across the globe. Cynthia, a current LOM was kind enough to share more details about LOM and explain what they are all about.

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Can you give me a run down of who the Ladies of Metal are and what they stand for?

The Ladies of Metal is a non-profit promotional modeling company for signed and unsigned bands as well as clothing lines.

What is the role of a LOM?

We have various responsibilities that mainly focus around promoting bands and music we are passionate about. We set up photo shoots and model merch or apparel, spread the word about bands and brands, and do our best to bring heavier music into a positive light.


Who are the current ladies within LOM?

There are currently 65 or so active models with us. Each girl is amazing in their own way whether they’re social networking professionals, brand ambassadors, band managers, photographers, artists, they’ve all got their talents that set them apart and make them unique. Some notable girls we have right now are the owners: Kaitlyn Miller, Ash Jones, and Kayla Wilson. Then there are Bernadette Macias of Sullen Clothing, Amanda Wesselman of Makeshift Apparel, Denise Borders of PunkWorldViews, and Ackley Suicide from Suicide Girls. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with Kelly Eden and Alysha Nett in the past.

What musicians are the LOM really passionate about?

We actually have a roster of bands that we all adore! Vessels, Home of the Brave, and Illuminations are my personal top three favorite unsigned bands. We work with signed bands too like The Ghost Inside, Oceano, Veil of Maya, Within The Ruins, Attila, and King Conquer just to name a few.

All of the LOM members are drop dead beautiful. They showcase a different side of beauty, one that is not often seen in pop culture. Your look is counterculture, but popular within popculture. How do you see the standards of beauty changing within our society in the next few years?

Being different is becoming a trend and a healthy one, I believe. I think society is beginning to realize that no matter what size you wear, what color your hair, what you choose to do with your body, beauty can be found in everyone in some form. Everyone’s idea of beauty is different and people are growing more open to that idea.Image

Do you think the LOM play a role in changing these standards by sending out the message that conformity is not the only path to being beautiful?

A lot of our models have tattoos and are modified but we also have some that are not! I think we are setting a standard that beauty isn’t all about what’s on the outside. A lot of people get the misconception that because we listen to heavier music, we aren’t all that nice or because we choose to have an alternative appearance, we aren’t model material or society’s standard of “pretty.” We are showing the world that you can be that pretty girl next door but you can also be that kick ass edgy chick and be just as gorgeous.

LOM is a non profit organization, what communities benefit from your efforts?

Definitely the underground metal scene, for sure. We are very into helping artists get exposure.


To date, what bands and brands have you collaborated with to raise popularity?

Every band or brand we’ve worked with has helped us in return so it’s always a group effort and everyone gains something. We’ve worked with brands like Infidel Clothing, Set 4 Lyfe Apparel, Coral Clothing, Atticus, and Gig4Gig just to name a few. We’ve collaborated with various bands for things like contests and events and sponsored tours for them as well!

Does LOM operate strictly in the United States? If so, are you planning to spread out internationally?

We accept girls from everywhere!

How does one become a LOM? What is the process?

We have an application on our Facebook currently. All you have to do is fill it out, attach a couple of pictures that meet the criteria we ask for, and submit it!

What is the best thing about being a LOM?

Honestly, being involved in the industry is awesome and all. Modeling is definitely fun. But the best thing, I think personally, is the fact that I’ve gained 65+ beautiful and caring sisters. We are truly a sisterhood.

Closing thoughts?

We have an official website coming soon! Be sure to like our Facebook page to keep up to date with everything. Lots of new and exciting things in the works!Image

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