Smart Chicks Kick It Edmonton Event


The Smart Chicks Kick It Tour visited Edmonton yesterday at Chapters Westside.

It was an amazing experience. Truly, once in a lifetime to be graced with the presence of 7 amazing authors. The atmosphere and setup of this event couldn’t have been any better. The crowd was so diverse! It was great to see so many different individuals so excited about reading. The staff at Chapters acted like pros, and the event ran along smoothly. Everyone in line was able to get their autographs, photos and have a quick chat with their favourite author.

I arrived at the venue, and was in line by 4PM. The visit started off with an introduction from each author on stage, followed bye a riveting question and answer period. It was great, fans could ask whatever they wanted. From writing tips, to ways to survive university. I went through the line twice, and was able to get all of the titles I wanted signed. All in a reasonable amount of time! 

It was great to see the person behind the book. The personality, the sense of humour…everything. It was a very intimate setting, and most left the store an even bigger fan than before.

 Every author brought something different to the table. I think that was what made this tour so amazing. There was something for every reader.

Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr rule the YA paranormal kingdom. This dynamic duo created the concept of the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour, fans internationally thank you!

The gorgeous Melissa Marr….and plain ‘ol me!

 Charles De Lindt masters urban fantasy like no other.

Margaret Stohl (alongside Kami Garcia) introduced readers to the epic world of Beautiful Creatures. A world so vivid, and rich with characters that you’re transported into the world with each page.

Veronice Roth, Margaret Stohl (OH MY GOD…LITERARY GODDESSES) oh, and me.

 Veronica Roth created the best dystopian novels to ever exist, her work puts The Hunger Games franchise to shame.

Beth Revis brings readers to space for an intergalactic murder mystery.

Allie Condie, brings to readers a dystopian style love story.

I have adored Kelley Armstrong since Bitten. So, it was a once in a lifetime experience to meet the mastermind behind my favourite series. She was so kind and sweet, as she was signing my book she chatted with me just like I was a friend. Kelley is one of my heros, one of the individuals in this world I look up to most–meeting her was a dream come true. 

I want Margaret Stohl to be my friend. Seriously, every time you glance at her she is beaming from ear to ear with her beautiful smile. She is always cracking a joke and making others smile. What a great person! I feel so lucky to have been graced with her presence. She has such a beautiful mind, and persona. The kind of person you just want to smother in hugs! Much to my dismay I wasn’t able to get Beautiful Creatures (the first book in her series) signed due to a kitten being bad. I shared the story of the Kitten with Margaret, and in my book she wrote “PS: I hope your kitty feels better.” Talk about going above and beyond for fans!

This may sound silly. But, it’s great that all 7 of these authors are so talented, each has shown to be a kind and caring individual, the kind of person you wish to be successful and have their dreams come true. It’s heartwarming to find a hero worth being a hero on all levels!

Thank you!

About Maison Moonchild

A Canadian gal that firmly believes words can change the world. An avid reader, writer and Halloween enthusiast. She has a special interest in communications and writes for pleasure and profession. She moonlights as a metaphysical maven with a knack for creating magical crystal jewelry and holiday accessories.
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4 Responses to Smart Chicks Kick It Edmonton Event

  1. Aww it’s too bad we didn’t get to meet you that night! But it was so much fun! I loved seeing the personalities behind the names too. Made me wish I had had a book from each author to sign 😦

    I hope something like this happens again in the near future!

  2. Tammy L Masters says:

    We had so much fun too – we went through the line 3 times!!

  3. Leanne Yang says:

    It was absolutely awesome! Sucks that I didn’t get to meet you though!

  4. What a great recap of the event! Wasn’t it awesome? Margaret was one of my favourites — she was just so funny! Of course, I loved EVERYONE! I’m so happy this came to Edmonton!

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