Author Liz Fichera Interview October 2012

Liz Fichera is a well-rounded author. She has explored the path of writing for adults with her two sensational novels Captive Spirit and Craving Perfect. She has recently ventured into new territory with her 2013 release of YA novel HOOKED. Fichera was kind enough to stop in and have a chat about inspirations, crafting characters and what we can expect from her in the future.

What inspired you to be a writer? When did you begin writing?

I’ve been writing stories since I was ten years old; however, I didn’t begin to write full-time until about five years ago.

Was there a novel or story from childhood that influenced the direction you took with your life?

Thanks to my parents, I’ve always loved reading. There were so many novels that influenced me, including the LITTLE WOMEN and LITTLE HOUSE series. I read those books over and over when I was a kid. I can remember hiding out in my room with a book, not coming out until I finished it. 

What makes you unique? Do you collect anything? Have any strange habits?

I don’t know if I’m unique but I’m one of only a few young adult writers that includes Native American characters as main characters in my stories. Living in Phoenix, Arizona, I’m surrounded by over 20 Native American communities. It doesn’t seem right to me to write a story set in the American Southwest and not include them.

 What is your writing process like?

I write every day, usually all afternoon and into the evening. I can be very nocturnal too. Writing at 3 am is not unusual for me either.

Do you have a go-to friend you discuss ideas with before bringing them to your publisher?

Yes, I have a couple of go-to friends, one of whom is my sister.

 Which novel was the most fun to write? Of your published works to date, which are you most proud of?

I am very proud of HOOKED. It was a long-time coming, with numerous rewrites. I also had a lot of fun writing PLAYED, which is its companion novel. PLAYED won’t be published until 2014.

What was the last great book you read?

I adored WONDER by R.J. Palacio. I also loved PUSHING THE LIMITS by Katie McGarry. Awesome books!

Currently, what are some of your favourite authors and novels?

Tough question. I have too many to list.

Tell us about your upcoming release, Hooked?

HOOKED is about a Native American girl who dares to join the all boys’ golf team at her high school in Phoenix, Arizona. But sparks fly when the girl with the killer golf swing takes on the boy with the killer smile. It’s kinda like CATCHING JORDAN meets PERFECT CHEMISTRY.

How do you feel about writing for a new audience? How do you calm your nerves and find confidence in your work?

I read A TON, usually 2-3 books a week. So I think I have a pretty good understanding of the YA and women’s fiction markets. That said, I write what I love. I don’t write to chase a trend. That wouldn’t be fun.

How different was it writing for a YA audience? Comparing both Captive Spirit and Craving Perfect to Hooked, did you find yourself setting more restrictions on your writing?

My writing process is the same, regardless of the genre. However, with HOOKED, I had about a half-dozen teen beta readers.

How do you craft characters? Are any inspired from real-life relationships?

Most of my characters start in my imagination. However, as they develop, they might have a trait or two from someone I know in real life.

 After the release of Hooked, what future projects can readers look forward to?

I am currently working on two more YAs, one of which is very near and dear to my heart. I will have more to say about it in the next six months.

 Closing thoughts?

Thank you so much for inviting me on your blog today! I enjoyed your questions. 🙂

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