Meet This Generations Warhol–David Russo

ArtistSpotlight2554839_2773205-cnv01_jOne of my absolute favourite up and coming artists is a talented fellow by the name of David! His work is breathtaking. Honestly, Warhol may have a run for his money for the king of pop culture associated art.2607292_7582180-prn01_j David covers everything, from our favourite comic villain-ness Harley Quinn to Amy Winehouse, with a little Lana Del Rey, Porcelain Black, Lennon and Gaga in between. 2589199_14855299-caseiphone5_j

Luckily, David is not only uber talented, but also a very kind, down-to-earth person and was more than willing to chat about where he finds his inspiration for his art.2571714_15192787-cnv01_j

I asked David why he is so drawn to music, and why certain things spoke to him and made him feel the motivation to express his love for artists, and music through art. I could set this up like an interview for you. But, I know my readers—cutting to the chase is easier. Plus, David just has a certain flow to his words, which is no surprise—a true artist.

Here we go, lets meet David:

Hello my name is David Russo; I am a creative artist from Sydney, Australia.2608291_8488313-prn01_j

I love creating and being inspired by the world of pop culture; growing up my main influences have been film and music. I’m very passionate about what I put into my work when it comes to detail and really just capturing a feeling, I feel that through music it completely drives me throughout my creative process.

Music has always been a major part of my life, wherever I go or whatever I do I will always have something playing. I can always find a song to my match my mood. The thing that I love is that it can do is make the moments in people’s lives memorable, like when a song is playing on a vacation and your just enjoying that moment. You hear that same song again later down the track and it makes you smile, bringing back that exact feeling.

When it comes to music my range is a bit of everything really. Rock, pop, dance, indie… The list could go on forever!2604838_9287517-cnv01_j

I really admire artists like David Bowie, he’s an Iconic musician who always seemed to bend and break the creative boundaries in the entertainment industry, taking risks, and truly believing in himself as to how he could contribute to the art of pop. You can see so many musicians today whom he has influenced.

I am fascinated with all types of creative’s from the world of pop culture. It’s always been something or someone really unique that had gotten my attention from film characters like Edward Scissor hands or Lisbeth Salander (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) to visual artists like Andy Warhol.2606550_4053576-prn01_j

Like the unique persona I am drawn to, I hope that one day the work I create will expand and I am able to make some sort of impact on the world like those I look up to.

Connect with David:DAVID RUSSO1




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