Undead America Review

Zombie Days, Campfire Nights (Undead America)

By Leah Rhyne

Millions died when the zombie plague swept the country. For the survivors, the journey has just begun.

Jenna, Sam, and Lola are still alive. Jenna avoids human contact, traveling East Coast backroads with her boyfriend, a dog named Chicken, and a Louisville Slugger. Sam escapes to the mountains, where he’s conscripted into a zombie-slaying militia sent on nightly raids to kill the undead…and innocent civilians. Lola’s imprisoned in the “safety” of a zombie-free New Orleans hotel, but life grows more dangerous when her brother gets bitten by a zombie.

Jenna arrives in the French Quarter, lured by the false promises of New Orleans’ drunken leader. There, she’s ripped away from her boyfriend, drugged, and dumped in a death camp after refusing Franklin’s sexual advances. Jenna and Lola’s lives collide there, where the dead live and the dying are victims of gruesome medical experiments.

Escape isn’t easy: release the genetically-enhanced zombies from the lab to create a diversion, slip away, and don’t get eaten. When Sam arrives, will he join the right side of the battle?16136799

I am an absolute horror buff, and I knew I would love this book simply from the premise of it. I was pleasantly surprised–I didn’t think I would love it as much as I did! I am probably one of the only people left in the world that does not like “The Walking Dead” and every time I hear zombies, I automatically incorporate TWD.

Thank goodness, I now have a AMAZING zombie tale to incorporate with the undead instead of TWD. Rhyne created such an original story, rich with developed characters, romance, fear and teen angst. Her story pays homage to classic horror, and has all the conventions that make a great horror story down pat.

The pace of this book is very fast, and there is not a moment of dullness. I love the dialogue between the young characters, it is very realistic and at times humorous.

Great read. I can’t wait to see what Rhyne has in store for readers in the future. She is a talent to watch.

About Maison Moonchild

A Canadian gal that firmly believes words can change the world. An avid reader, writer and Halloween enthusiast. She has a special interest in communications and writes for pleasure and profession. She moonlights as a metaphysical maven with a knack for creating magical crystal jewelry and holiday accessories.
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1 Response to Undead America Review

  1. Leah Rhyne says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome review! Seriously – I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much! Yay!!! 😀

Thanks for the read.

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