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Guest Blogger Vance talks music:


And here begins my voyage into music that makes me think things the way I think them.

Some people live their lives through music. Songs have changed their minds and influenced their decisions, and gotten them through hard times in life and showed them the joys of living. Then there are the other people. People like me, to whom music is just a damn enjoyable thing to add to your days.

I’ve never been one to listen to sad music, or depressing ambient business. My emotions never guide my musical choice. I just like what I like, and so be it. That said, here are 5 (or so) songs that I can listen to a hundred times over, and they’re still just as magical to me now as they were when I heard them. Did they change my life? Maybe not. But they made me dance like a loser as often as possible, and for that, they get a whole list devoted to them.i_love_music_by_klaraaaa-d40dkig

1. Come Sail Away by Styx

This song is the best song. There are no two ways about it. Sweeping electronic keyboard solos, rocking guitar riffs and crazy vocal wailing. It pulls you in because it sounds like an adventure unfolding, letting you explore the wonders of the ocean. Then suddenly, ANGELS! And then killer solo! And then just kidding, ALIENS! This song contains all things that I hold dear in the world, and is one of only two songs I’ll ever karaoke. So please, show it some respect. It’s not just about a boat.

2. Take On Me by A-Ha

I have no good reason for liking this song. It’s just catchy and poppy, and I really like it. This is the second of two songs I’ll karaoke.

3. Turbolover by Judas Priest. Also, Painkiller by Judas Priest

I couldn’t decide between these two Judas Priest songs. These are my preferred car songs, because they make me drive quite fast and sing out loud. I almost won a contest because I knew the words to Turbolover, but I couldn’t get through to the damn radio station. 4 other people called in and didn’t have a clue. What the hell, radio station? I totally had that one. Free tickets are my thing. Anyway, I like Judas Priest because they basically invented metal, and then just kept doing it anyway, regardless of all the various bizarre offshoots that have no purpose except to scare people. Rob Halford was just singing about being really good at sexing. Now we know that he was sexing dudes, but he’s still really proud of it. And we should be proud of him for it too.

4.Fire by Arthur Brown

This song has stuck with me through it all. I’ve had one version or another on any of my music devices since probably 2003, and it never stops being completely radical. Apparently fire makes things burn, or he is fire, or some such thing. It was the 60s, so I’m not going to pretend to understand what was going on with the song, but it had goofy synth and bad drums. Tons of fun for everyone.

5. Bombs Over Baghdad by Outkast

I still have no idea what they’re saying through most of this song. But the pace is quick, the beat is sick, and I’m not good enough at rhymes to end this sentence in a satisfying way. Outkast is one of the few rap/hip-hop/whatever you want to call it that I actually enjoy, and this song is part of the reason.

6. Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce

I like this because it means I beat the devil at guitar, which I think is every kid’s dream.

7. Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Actually, most things by Queen. I’m tempted to switch my answer to Flash Gordon, but whatever. I have more fun listening to Queen than I do playing football or going to waterparks, or whatever the hell else is considered fun.

8. Dayman from the musical The Nightman Cometh

Just google it. It’s dumb and fun.

As you can see, I don’t take music too seriously, but that’s basically how I live life. The things I do take seriously, I don’t really bother to associate with a song. And chances are I wouldn’t share that stuff anyway, because it’s my life, ya vultures. Get your own.

I hope you enjoyed reading this list as much as I enjoyed listening to all of these songs in preparing it. If you like these songs, it means you are a wonderful person, and probably super attractive. Like me. Okay, thanks for reading, byemy neighbours listen to good music whether they like it or not

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