Neurotic November Talks Music!

294552_10150369347787512_1597490053_nNeurotic November is a band that pushes past genres and has its own unique sound. What influenced the originality of the band? It is many genres molded into one that works effectively.
Well sense we all like so many different styles (metal, rap, hardcore etc) we really wanted to add all that in there so were always playing everything we love.
2. What is the greatest thing about music?
The way it makes you feel something a song can make you happy sad and even get goosebumps
3.too date, what release is held closest to your heart?
By us? Definitely Checkmate
4. Without music, where would you be?
Wed all be zombies not knowing what to do next haha
5. What are you currently working on?
A new full length so hopefully that well be out by the beginning of next year
943101_10151560663992512_1171575844_nFIVE SONGS TO GROOVE TOO

1 Anything by the Strokes haha cuz they should you how amazing a bass guitar can be

2 Magnolia by Bury Your Dead cuz it’s So heavy and so sad

3 Anything by Busta Rhymes cuz he showed you how to rap fast and hard

4. Anything by Emmure cuz they should you how to hate her haha

5 The Black Parade by my chemical Romance cuz they showed you how a carry-on162998_480559332511_2226743_n

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