Cynthia Joy’s Music Picks!


“Engine 45” (Get What You Give, 2012)theghostinside2011

The Ghost Inside
I’m not a huge fan of hardcore, but it’s pretty much well known that The Ghost Inside appeals universally to tons of fans. Not only are they incredible musicians, but also sincere and genuine people as well. I had the pleasure of finally seeing them live not too long ago and they were everything I imagined and more. This song in particular strikes a powerful chord with me. I definitely recommend it for whenever you’re feeling down.

“Entombed” (Koi No Yokan, 2012)0Deftones
I’ve always been in love with Deftones and always will be. I can listen to and enjoy their older stuff just as well as their newer, more different things, and that’s why I admire this band. This song is gorgeous. It holds a lot of personal memories for myself and just an all around interpretation of what this band makes me feel.

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (Evolve, 2012)

Chelsea Grinimages
Chelsea Grin is a guilty pleasure of mine. When Evolve first came out, I was obsessed (and still kinda am.) It’s way different than their older releases, and maybe that’s why I’m so hooked. This song is very intense but has a confusing sort of soothing edge to it as well. If you’ve never cared for this band or given them a chance, I suggest you start with this song.

“Edge Of The Earth” (Via, 2011)tumblr_m4jqy3k5xo1r1088qo1_500Volumes
The first time I saw Volumes live, I almost cried. Like, legit fan girl tears. Their music is great and they are equally as perfect live. Via as a whole is probably my favorite album, but much like the other songs on this list, Edge Of The Earth just captures me in other ways. It’s very chill, hypnotic, and laced with nostalgia.

“Beast” (Wormwood, 2010)Unknown-2The Acacia Strain
The Acacia Strain embodies all that is pissed the fuck off. If you’re in a bad mood and just want to rip someone’s head off, let me please recommend Wormwood to you. The album as a whole is heavy and very in-your-face. It’s possibly my most favorite one and this song has always stood out to me more than the others. It’s for those moments when you don’t want to feel better, you’re not looking for optimism, you just want to embrace that wrath.



The Autumn Effect, 2005
10 Years
This album all together is just a work of art. It reminds me a lot of a period in my life where I was very unsure and not so optimistic about a lot of things. I was scared and timid. “Prey” sang to me about how it was okay to feel this way, and that it won’t do me in unless I let it. “Waking Up” inspired the growth of courage in me.

House Of Secrets, 2004
I discovered OTEP at a very difficult time in my life and her music stayed with me until I broke out of it. She will always be my first and favorite female musician. This album reminds me of a being angry, helpless, and just feeling very dark. For the longest time I wanted “self made” tattooed on my knuckles, in dedication to the song. At the time, it described me as a whole. When I listen back on it now, I’m glad I didn’t. I’m much happier and see myself in a more positive light than any of those songs made me feel, but they did help me

The Damage, 2002
Tapping The Vein
This was another album that reminded me it was okay to be consumed with my own sadness. Everything from the haunting music to the very real and very beautiful lyrics, I spent a lot of personal down time with this album on repeat.

Wormwood, 2010
The Acacia Strain
Good ol’ TAS is a constant, sweet reminder that being angry and vengeful can be empowering. Nowadays, when I’m sad and turn to music, this is the first place I come; and I turn that sadness into something more productive. Wormwood has a song for my every mood. No matter how often I listen to it, how many times I put Beast, BTM FDR, Ramirez, The Impaler, Bay of Pigs, and Tactical Nuke on repeat, I will never get sick of the way they make me feel.

The Black Parade, 2006
My Chemical Romance
Every one laughs at me when I tell them this, but this album really did save my life. This band was the first concert I ever went to and a lot of really good, really happy times are associated with them. This album reminds me of being a teenager again and everything that came with that from the friendships, the heartaches, the drama, feeling out of place and like I would never grow into my own skin; this album did everything to and for me. I will always have a very special place in my heart for My Chemical Romance.Unknown-1

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