Sharkies Bite Down On Books: Laura Reviews The Good Girl by Fiona Neill


The Good Girl by Fiona Neill


Published: April 9th 2015


The Number One bestselling author is back with a dark, compelling and controversial novel of one family’s darkest secrets.

Fallen in love?
Yet for straight-A student Romy, Ailsa’s teenage daughter, there’s no escaping the intense attraction she feels towards their youngest son, Jay.

Trusted a stranger?
So when Jay tells Romy his darkest secret, she only wants to help.

Destroyed your family?
But Romy’s actions could be the catalyst that tears her world apart…


A very surprising read! Wasn’t what you would expect from the cover/starting outline. A topic which I think would be beneficial to both teens and adults. Gives a true insight into the dangers of our now very sexualised world and the true power that social media has on our relationships and, importantly, ourselves and our outlook on the world.

I really enjoyed the switching between the two strong minded female views on the events. Romy especially who comes across as a girl wiser than her years. Felt you could really connect with her as a character.

The books really questions with our perceptions of protection, and how over-protection can eventually evolve into us trying to change who someone is. Also brings up the question of whether true privacy is even achievable? and beneficial?

I think some of the best quotes are actually right on the last page. “What really sets you free is other people not knowing your shit. No one tells you the value of privacy, because everyone is interested in knowing your business. Our data is valuable commodity, but everyone needs a place to retreat when things get rough”

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