Guest Post From Author Lesley Young: 3 Songs Thats Inspired The Frenchman

3 Songs that Inspired My Sexy Romance Novel—The Frenchman


Music has always been a great source of inspiration in my novel writing. And The Frenchman—a fast-paced love story, interlaced with lies and mystery, set in France— was no exception. Several songs inspired the rough ride between my two main characters, a hot French rugby player who is heir to a crime family, Louis Messette, and a trusting, bright, naive American, Fleur Smithers. Here’s how.

“Dark-edged laced with a silver lining”

When I read this line in a review of The Frenchman I instantly thought of July Talk’s Guns + Ammunition. Duets usually don’t do it for me, but I listened to this song over and over as I wrote the novel. The interplay between the sweet, gentle voice of Leah Fay and the deep, husky growl of Peter Dreimanis is beyond sexy. But the climax . . . his desperate chanting over and over of how badly he needs her—physically—puts me over the edge. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s exactly how my characters experience each other.

“How can you be upset when a hot man is spitting compliments at you in French?”

I had to smile when I read this reviewer’s comment. Louis is brooding, powerful and a bit of an a-hole (but in a good way). So when he finally decides to go after what he wants, and turns on the French charm, it’s pretty gratifying. What is it about powerful, confident men being contrite? Any way, every time I hear John Newman’s Love Me Again, my heart beats fast, like the first time you realize you’re so in love, and that you would forgive the man of almost anything. This inspired me to write Louis true.

“Deeper than it looks on the surface”

A car crashing. Screeching desperation. Clutching at a gasping need. These are the notions that thump in my heart when I hear Jack White’s rendition of Love is Blindness (a stunning cover of a much less stunning original U2 song). These are also the emotions my characters experienced at the climax of The Frenchman as they drown in pride, lust, and honor. Blindfolded. Hopeless. Hopelessly in love.

Thanks for the opportunity to share! The Frenchman will be free on March 27-29, 2015.




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