To The Stars: Autobiography of George Takei Review

BookReviewsTo The Stars: Autobiography of George Takei


To The Stars: Autobiography of George Takei


Best known as Mr. Sulu, helmsman of the Starship Enterprise™ and captain of the Starship Excelsior, George Takei is beloved by millions as part of the command team that has taken audiences to new vistas of adventure in Star Trek®—the unprecedented television and feature film phenomenon.

From the program’s birth in the changing world of the 1960s and death at the hands of the network to its rebirth in the hearts and minds of loyal fans, the Star Trek story has blazed its own path into our recent cultural history, leading to a series of blockbuster feature films and three new versions of Star Trek for television.

The Star Trek story is one of boundless hope and crushing disappointment, wrenching rivalries and incredible achievements. It is also the story of how, after nearly thirty years, the cast of characters from a unique but poorly rated television show have come to be known to millions of Americans and people around the world as family.

For George Takei, the Star Trek adventure is intertwined with his personal odyssey through adversity in which four-year-old George and his family were forced by the United States government into internment camps during World War II.

Star Trek means much more to George Takei than an extraordinary career that has spanned thirty years. For an American whose ideals faced such a severe test, Star Trek represents a shining embodiment of the American Dream—the promise of an optimistic future in which people from all over the world contribute to a common destiny.


Takei is one of pop cultures most beloved icons. I had high expectations and my expectations were met with flying colours. George Takei is a lovely man and wherever he goes, laughter follows. This is a must-read for any fan.

Takei discusses his life, which wasn’t always filled with laughter and Star Trek references. Even when discussing his trials and tribulations (as a child he was interred in a WWII Japanese-American Prison camp) his upbeat attitude remains consistent.

He illustrates his deep concerns for the equality of all people and his lifelong focus on advancing the cause of Japanese Americans. He is so much more than just a joyful pop culture figure. This is a man to be worshipped for all the right reasons–integrity, pursuit of justice for all walks of life and such a joyful, wonderful attitude.

As expected, he offers behind-the-scenes stories from Star Trek. These tales are delivered with a refreshing approach: no badmouthing fellow cast members, no drama or trash talk, instead just offering up true accounts for fans to enjoy.

Thank you Netgalley, this was a delightful read that I am sure I will indulge in again 🙂


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