Book Review: Seeing Green By Annabel Hertz

Seeing Green by Annabel Hertz 

Seeing Green


Described as a “timely, energetic and witty” story of a young woman “on a mission to puncture the stasis of Reagan-Bush environmental policy” (Book Review, Huffington Post, 04/04/2012), Seeing Green pays homage to the DC scene, international—and office—politics, and idealism. The novel also explores the rocky and rewarding terrain of family and personal relationships from the perspective of a multicultural protagonist in “a felicitously fast-moving, tightly organized narrative.” (Amazon book reviews). A thoughtful romp through the NGO world of 1992, Seeing Green “provides a refreshing contrast to today’s stale and polarized politics and reminds us that hope is possible.”

1600167_10152164384800908_58508561_n I will admit it; I hate politics. So, I was a bit skeptical entering Seeing Green. I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. The story offers a glimpse into the world of politics that is actually entertaining, and quick-witted. This was a very fast paced, and admittedly very fun read.

It delivered everything a reader could ask for: wit, a protagonist that actually makes you feel something (whether you hate her, or love her—you still feel something) and a believable story that holds you in its clutches until the very last page.

More and more I am finding myself drawn to books I would never have expected to love. It seems contemporary may be my new favourite genre. This story not only entertains, it informs. It is neat to see a glimpse into history. I have always wanted to travel to DC, and this world was crafted so elegantly it made me feel as though I have visited DC as the images of the environment and settings flashed so vividly in my mind.

Annabel Hertz has a very unique writing style. I fell in love with it from the very first paragraph.

Fantastic read that will appeal to all ages…and not just readers who like contemporary: p

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