Blog Tour: The Boy With The Hidden Name–Book Review

The Boy With The Hidden Name by Skylar Dorset9781402292569-PR

Published: December 2nd 2014


After a near deadly brush with the Faerie Court of the Otherworld, all Selkie Stewart wants is to return to a normal life in Boston. But as a half-faerie princess with a price on her head, and a boyfriend who is the only individual more wanted than she is, normal is just a faerie tale.

A dangerous prophecy foretells Ben’s betrayal, but Selkie does not believe it. She won’t. She and Ben are a team fated to destroy the corrupt Seelie Court where her mother reigns as queen. They are destined to put an end to the terror and madness that blights the Otherworld. Destined to be together. Nothing will come between them.

Until Ben leaves. And the sun goes out. And chiming bells deafen all of Boston. The Seelies are coming to our realm. As Selkie and her rag-tag group of allies unite for the final battle against the Seelie, she is forced to confront her destiny and Ben’s betrayal. Without him, Selkie is the only one who can stop the Seelie from destroying this world and the next.


I was so excited for the return of Ben and Selkie! I will admit, what reeled me into this series initially–the gorgeous cover art. C’mon, isn’t it wonderful? 17708622Yeah, yeah, never judge a book by it’s cover…but, this book was just as endearing and interesting as it’s cover!

Now you understand where my love-story for these books began.

Selkie is such a strong protagonist. I love her quick wit and strong presence. To put it simply, she is just rad. A very cool character. Dorset crafted her with such dimension it’s sometimes hard to believe the girl you are reading about isn’t in fact a real teenager.

Dorset has a way of making fantasy blend easily into reality. She seduces readers with her brilliantly crafted worlds and loveable characters. She describes everything so vividly you can almost feel in your senses exactly what the characters are experiencing.

I love when a story can actually come to life in a readers mind. That’s the brilliance of reading a good book—the ability to fully escape to a different world.

These books blended together my favourite genres and created a whirlwind rind of perfection.

Witty, suspenseful and as always—loveable.

Thanks for the fun ride.


Skylar Dorset grew up in Rhode Island (where she still lives), graduated from Boston College and Harvard Law School, and has lived in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Washington, D.C. But she actually spends most of her time living with the characters in her head. She hopes that doesn’t make her sound too crazy.

Visit her at

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