Poetry: The Dead Do Tell Tales

image2The Dead Do Tell Tales

The dead do tell tales.

Our beloved dead speak to us in codes.

In signs.

A flicker of light.

A soft whisper in the darkness.

They communicate in our dreams.

The dead always tell tales.

The dead are not just gone.

Erased from this life.

They lived just like us.

Much is still to be learned from them.

When we re-examine the past.

Where the once living had been.

What they had done.

Where they finally rest.

Exploring the past finds more questions than answers.

More folklore than fact.

The dead are always waiting.

To tell us their stories.

To sing their songs.

The dead will always speak to those who listen.

About Professional Writer

I am professional writer, cat enthusiast, fashionista, stargazer and lover of life. Words are my world and I believe they hold the power to change lives. I adore my cats, family & friends-they are what make life worth living. I am a believer in the goodness of human nature.
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