Book Review: The Gloomy Ghost by David Lubar


The Gloomy Ghost: A Monsterrific Tale by David Lubar


Published: July 8h 2014

1600108_10152164384975908_207743490_nAcclaimed author David Lubar’s Monsterrific Tales return to life with this new edition of The Gloomy Ghost  that is sure to appeal to fans of his Weenies short story collections.

There’s something strange going on at Washington Irving Elementary School. Kids are turning into monsters-literally!

First it was Sebastian, then Angie. Now it’s little brother Rory’s turn to be “monsterized!” One minute he’s a normal kid hanging out in his backyard. The next, he finds himself walking through stuff: the back porch, walls, even people! What’s a ghostly kid to do?

Rory decides to find some other spirits and ask them how to get “un-ghosted.” So he heads up to the local haunted house to give it a try. What Rory doesn’t know is that if he doesn’t get the answer soon, he’ll only have a ghost of a chance of ever being a kid again…1600167_10152164384800908_58508561_nAs soon as I found out this was a David Lubar story—I was sold!

I knew it would be ace. Lubar is one of my go-to-authors that I always can count on to deliver a laughs and a great story. As soon as I saw the name

Lubar has a way of making the seemingly mundane absolutely explode into chaos! Entertaining, and hilarious chaos of course.

The Gloomy Ghost was fantastic. Mundane madness at it’s best!

Rory is destined for trouble after breaking the family television. In fear of trouble, he hides outside. After time passes, he decides…hmmm Red berries? They would be delicious! Poison? Nah.

The protagonist eats some and sure enough is poisoned. He is lingering between the dead and the living with only a short amount of time to save his body.

He enlists the help of a pup named Yip and the residents of the neighborhood ghostly manor. I always have a soft spot for stories including animal characters, instantly I had love for Yip!

This is a perfect Autumn read. Chills, thrills and giggles—what more could you ask for?

Check out more of David Lubar’s work, full catalogue listed at:

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