Book Review: War of Wings

BookReviewsWar of Wings by Tanner McElroy

Published: March 21st 2014


1600108_10152164384975908_207743490_nThe battle for Paradise is about to begin…

In the beginning Heaven was perfect. All of the angels lived in complete harmony and bliss. Gabriel skated through existence on the many simple pleasures Heaven had to offer, Michael led the worker angels proudly, and Lucifer was the highest of the cherubim as well as the minister of music right under God. With one question everything changed. When God’s highest angel placed reason over faith to corrupt Heaven, a secret movement separated loved ones into two sides. After Lucifer discovered the power of the seven deadly sins and used them to empower angels, the two sides violently collided in the first war of all time, The War of Wings.
For such a short book, War of Wings packs a huge punch. This imaginative story details how angels fall and what exactly that means for our world. There will always be a certain appeal for the classic Good vs. Evil story surrounding God and Lucifer.

1600167_10152164384800908_58508561_nThis novel is rich with different layers and elements and piques the reader’s interest from the very first page. I liked that there was so much action to the story; it certainly did not lag in any parts.

I was reminded many times of John Milton’s Paradise Lost while reading War of Wings. It is the kind of novel that makes you question ‘faith’ and your ‘beliefs’. If the mention of Paradise Lost deters some readers, think again! McElroy’s story of writing isn’t as heavy as Milton’s and at times the story is as fun as an episode of Supernatural.

This story has elements that appeal to readers of every genre; I think that is what makes the delivery and execution of the story so powerful. A brilliantly written and compelling novel can move across all genres.

I look forward to reading more of McElroy’s work.

PS: Fans of Lauren Kate’s Fallen series will really enjoy War of Wings.

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