Halloween Special: Carling Shares A Prince George Urban Ghost Story

Carling Shares Her Creepy Local Legend

 This story surrounds two hikers, hiking through the wilderness in search old mining caves to explore for gold. i believe up near Prince George. My hunting friend told us this when we were going back road four wheeling to get to secret hot springs. He was on his way up towards that area with his dad to Hunt deer. As they were making stops at gas stations on their way up and diners for meals they would hear news of different things happening and tips on where to hunt. It’s sometime in winter so there is snow covering the forest and everything is quite and serene. So his dad picks up a story that creeps him out a little about these hikers. Apparently they were a week into their hike trip, in higher elevation area and not a soul around. They would spend part of their day getting closer to the location they were seeking and the rest of the day set up a camp and go explore around the area.5_woods1One of them was starting to feel as if they were not alone but the other would just say he wasn’t used to being out in the woods so deep. It was understandable because at night it is so quite, the snow falling and the wind blowing softly is all they could hear for miles. Well one night they are settling in their tents and they hear a loud crack. As if a fairly large branch has been broke off a tree. It creeps them out but they think nothing of it because they are out in the woods and there is going to be animals. Well the next night once again they hear a crack of a branch and it seems as if it is closer. They both decide tomorrow it is worth a closer look to see if they can spot some prints in the snow to have some piece of mind. In the morning they both set off separately to circle their camp area.

One of them returns without finding anything within an hour but his friend has not returned. This other hiker has found  prints but the snow has already covered then over mostly. As he kneels down to get a closer look he accidentally leans his right hand onto a  sharp pointed stick and stabs his hand. With blood dripping down his hand he jumps up forgetting about the prints and sets off back to the camp to dress his wound. So apparently the day is lost and they can’t move forward and move camp spots. When night hits they hear a loud crack again. One of then sticks his head out of the tent and shines his flashlight around the area. He sees nothing. As soon as he shuts the tent they hear more cracking branches one after another as if they are surrounded by the noises and they crack starts to pick up pace and seems to be closing in but stops abruptly. Hours pass with out more sounds and they both eventually fall asleep. In the morning they make a decision to start heading back as they are scared and his friends hand will need proper medical attention. They are at least 7 days out of the nearest town so they need to hike as much of their day as possible to try and make it back in less time. Unfortunately they set down to camp again but they have put quite a bit of distance between them and their last camp and it gives them piece of mind that their sleep should be better.creepy woodsWell as night hits and they’re settled to sleep, there is no noise. The two fall asleep feeling safe. An hour or two into their sleep they are violently woken up to their tent shaking.  Scared but brave the un injured hiker jumps out of the tent yelling and shinning his light around. He circles around the tent and checks around the area but sees nothing or hears nothing. He gets back in and they get dressed so at first light they can set off immediately.

As they start off in the morning moving at a fast pace they both hear cracking noises following behind them. They are both panicked and seeing as how this situation seems extreme and they are fearing for their lives they decide to change direction towards the nearest river. As night is falling they hit the river and Inflate a tiny emergency life raft and get on. In their minds it’s safer on the river and no stopping until they hit the town so it will be safe.

About Maison Moonchild

A Canadian gal that firmly believes words can change the world. An avid reader, writer and Halloween enthusiast. She has a special interest in communications and writes for pleasure and profession. She moonlights as a metaphysical maven with a knack for creating magical crystal jewelry and holiday accessories.
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