Halloween: Guest Blogger Gabe Shares A Spooky Tradition!

HalloweenStoriesWaking The Dead

Most people do the same old thing for Hallow’s Eve and Halloween. What most people don’t do is wake up the dead from their deep slumber. On Hallow’s Eve at the stroke of midnight, the veil between our world and the spirit world is at it’s thinnest, and anyone and anything in the afterlife is welcomed to come through. Except most of them have been sleeping for so long, this is when you wake them up. Here’s what you do!
*Now this is Witchcraft, anything you are thinking and saying will have an effect on it’s outcome. Whatever you put out, you’ll get right back.*
Grab any amount of white candles- these are used to as a guiding light for the dead. Place these lit, on any grave that calls, you’ll be drawn to them, believe me. stock-footage-white-candles-burningCoins– preferably dimes and nickles, place a coin on any grave you have lit a candle for.
Sugary Sweets – These are an offering to the dead, who doesn’t like some candy.
Rose Water- This is used at the ending, this should be made a few days prior.
To make it ..
Soak rose petals in water, along with pieces of moonstone and salt, pour the water into any container leaving the moonstones and rose water out.
After this is all done and you’ve lit up the cemetery its time to wake them up. Ring a bell, the types you see Santa Clauses using on the streets for charity. Just walk around ringing that bell, feel free to do it as long as you want but be aware that the grounds keeper might call the cops . When you leave the cemetery pour Rose Water on your shoes and hands, this is to make sure nothing negative will attach itself and follow you home.graveyard

About Maison Moonchild

A Canadian gal that firmly believes words can change the world. An avid reader, writer and Halloween enthusiast. She has a special interest in communications and writes for pleasure and profession. She moonlights as a metaphysical maven with a knack for creating magical crystal jewelry and holiday accessories.
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