Book Review: I.T Confidential by C.D Rahm

BookReviewsI.T Confidential by C.D Rahm


 Published: August 29th 2013


If you could be a fly on the cubicle wall of an I.T. Professional someone would probably throw a stale bagel at you. But before they did, you would see what C.D. Rahm reveals in this tell-all book.

At great personal risk to career and plastic pocket protector, Rahm takes us on a brief tour of corporate malaise, rampant confusion, dinner-plate-sized chocolate chip cookies, and lousy box lunches.

Pulling no punches (except possibly the spiked punch from the disastrous office holiday party) he reveals everything: managers behaving badly, professional time-wasters, fast-food junkies, and the hygienically challenged.

An I.T. insider, his is a world of technology for all, productivity for none. It is a place where the confused and frightened lead the overworked and clueless. This is where polyester slacks meet PowerPoint presentations, and budgets meet their doom.

When network systems come down, I.T. professionals get up. And march straight to the vending machine. C.D. Rahm has been there, done that, and soiled the t-shirt.

Now you can know what I.T. geeks know: That if you have a chip on your shoulder you have probably stuck your head into the wrong port.

Whether you’re a tech expert or you don’t know your app from a hole in the ground, you will be astounded or at least mildly surprised by what you discover in I.T. Confidential.

1600167_10152164384800908_58508561_nThis review will be short and sweet, just like the book.

It’s very hard to dissect a short read without giving away everything!

This book was utterly brilliant. For such a quick read, it was packed with dozens of laughs. He perfected a blend of  boring and tedious day-to-day life tasks and the humour that follows these tasks. It came across as very sincere, and very well informed. I could see many of my friends personally living some of the events that were discussed in this book.

I loved how hilarious the honesty of this book was. It may surprise some, the inner-workings of the corporate world–but to most, nah–no surprise.

It reads like a manual; a very snarky and sarcastic one. Anyone working in the corporate world ratrace will appreciate the humour. With the holidays right around the corner, I know this book will be a hit for those ridiculously hard to buy for folks on your list.

Yes, it is October and I thought of the holidays…..

Seriously thought, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I wish it was longer because it was great and I didn’t want it to stop!

Kudos to a hilarious author.

Thank you, NetGalley for providing a review copy.

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