Minerals and Gemstones: Third Eye Pinecones

Minerals and Gemstones

I have admired the creative genius of Third Eye Pinecones from afar for what seems like ages. These unique little beauties are simply stunning. Combining gifts from Mother Nature to make statement necklaces that nurture the heart and soul.

Third Eye Pinecones


Third Eye Pinecones are hand-crafted from the center of the world’s densest Pinecone – a species which can only reproduce in forest fire – the Knobcone Pine.

Our Pinecones are sustainably wild-gathered high in the Santa Cruz Mountains, then carefully dried, aged, and cured, before one single cross-section is cut from the “heart” of each cone. Taking only one cross-section per cone allows the remainder of every Pinecone to be harvested and germinated for seed, helping to ensure the future abundance of this unique species of Conifer. (See our Eco-Responsibility section for more info)

After the initial cut, every pendant is painstakingly cleaned, sanded and polished, then artistically scrutinized to assure that the style and/or inlay perfectly match the unique “personality” of each individual cone. Finally, Third Eye Pinecones are sealed in an elegant, burnished wood-working resin to highlight and protect the organic fractal beauty unveiled within each talisman. Our talented team has spent years perfecting this complex process in a consistent and environmentally friendly fashion.

Third Eye Pinecones come in an enormous array of different sizes, shapes, colors and hues. “Lighter” colored Pinecones are typically younger, and have spent less time off of the tree. Darker Pinecones are often older, and have sometimes spent one-to-three years curing. We believe every piece transmits the essence of the tree it came from. It’s our privilege to be able to share this gift with you.

Living in Canada, I am used to ridiculous wait times and delays in shipping from online stores. I was pleasantly surprised that Third Eye Pinecones free shipping service took less than a week to arrive in Canada.

It was absolutely worth the months of longing for a pinecone!

I chose a stone that normally doesn’t speak to me. EUDIALYTE
Derived from the Greek word for “Easy”, Eudialyte is said facilitate greater spiritual integration by bringing by charging up the connection between the physical and emotional bodies. With greater union between the body and mind in this way we can more easily be aware of the physical manifestations of our emotions, helping develop our emotional fortitude and allowing us to gain clarity and see the ways in which we can evolve. This stone is also believed to help develop trust in oneself and others, easing compulsive behavior, dispelling jealousy, and bringing harmony to the heart chakra.

The intricate details on the necklace are stunning. Nature truly is the best artist. I couldn’t love this piece more!


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