Almanac: May 2018 Flower Moon

2018AlmanacIn most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere during this time. Thus, the name of this Moon. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon.


 Thinking about switching to a new position, or perhaps trying a new field altogether? Want to take a class or get your degree? Take the seeds you’ve planted last month, and allow them to bloom and grow in your favor. Here are some things you can do this month – because this is a time in which we need to plant the seeds for later success:

  • Begin tending your garden–or planting seeds in containers–and take some time to cultivate each of your herbs, flowers, and plants.
  • Remember that May is also the season of Beltane. If you want to bring fertility into your life, this is a great time to do magical workings related to conception and fruitfulness. Think about planting tubers, such as yams, which are believed to increase lust and fertility. In some West African nations, the white yam has been linked to high birth rates, particularly that of twins and other multiples.
  • Plant beans, squash and corn in the arrangement that Native Americans call Three Sisters. In addition to being a self-sustaining ecosystem, in which each plant helps the others, the planting of this trio is associated with the concept of happy families, abundance, and community.FlowerMoon


  • The full moon is often associated with temporal insomnia. In the past, the reason was obvious; people did not sleep well during the full moon due to the bright light it emitted.

  • The full moon was believed to make people go crazy. The world “lunatic” was used to describe a person who was considered mentally ill, dangerous, foolish, or unpredictable – conditions once attributed to lunacy. The word derives from the Latin word “lunaticus” meaning “moonstruck.”


  • The full moon is an ideal time to accept a proposal of marriage.

  • It has been suggested that the full moon affects humans in the same way as it does to the oceans via the tidal force as the human body is about 75% water, but in fact, the tidal effect is totally insignificant on such a small scale.

  • Clothes washed for the first time in the Full Moon will not last long.

  • It is sometimes claimed that surgeons used to refuse to operate during the full moon because of the increased risk of death of the patient through blood loss. A study carried out in Barcelona found a statistically significant correlation between lunar phase and hospital admissions due to gastrointestinal bleeding.

  • The full moon is considered unlucky if it occurs on Sunday but lucky if it occurs on Monday. In fact, the name of Monday is derived from Old English “Mōnandæg” and Middle English “Monenday,” which mean “moon day.”

About Maison Moonchild

A Canadian gal that firmly believes words can change the world. An avid reader, writer and Halloween enthusiast. She has a special interest in communications and writes for pleasure and profession. She moonlights as a metaphysical maven with a knack for creating magical crystal jewelry and holiday accessories.
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