Travel Alberta: Trek To Alberta Badlands For Vulcon

IMG_3727Trek To Alberta Badlands For Vulcan

Star Trek fans unite—in Vulcan, Alberta. ​


A small town in Alberta has become the Star Trek Capital of Canada—and a haven for Trekkie’s around the world. The towns name generated attention, which Vulcan immediately capitalized on, changing their namesake to represent a world in Star Trek, rather than the original roots of Roman mythology.


Star Trek is at every turn in Vulcan County, the local businesses all share space themed décor, murals and charming Star Trek inspired names. Danielle Debolt, assistant tourism manager, loves the warm, family oriented atmosphere of Vulcan. It is a road stop destination for friends and families alike.
In the heart of downtown Vulcan, stands one of the County’s most treasured pieces of Star Trek history– the bust of Spock. The bust contains a handprint of Leonard Nemoy that he put in while he was visiting, shares Debolt. Nemoy’s character is the namesake of the town. With his recent passing, this piece of history is even more cherished.

Nimoy isn’t the only famous face to have been spotted in Vulcan, each year the County hosts a convention for Star Trek fans; Vulcon. Vulcon has been going strong for over 25 years, according to Debolt. Much like the dynamic of Edmonton and Calgary Expo, Vulcon hosts multiple celebrities for fans to meet for photos and signatures. Star Trek fans from around the world travel to the tiny town for the weekend event. The 2018 edition of Vulcon Convention falls on July 27th and 28th. “This summer’s event will have a variety of vendors and artists, 5 famous faces, a parade followed by a costume contest and a dinner and dance.”


Spock Days, another Nimoy influenced event, happen the second weekend in June. Slo Pitch teams can camp out in Vulcan and enjoy playing some ball with a team of their choice. The legacy of Leonard Nimoy is honoured throughout Vulcon. His iconic Spock image is seen on almost every street corner.

Debolt ranks the tourism centre and the enterprise as the towns top two, ‘must sees’. “The Tourism and Trek Station provide tourist information, displays Star Trek memorabilia and allows visitors to participate in the Vulcan Space Adventure, virtual reality game. A replica of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek V is mounted on a pedestal which includes writing from Trek alien languages like Klingon.”

In 2013 the TrekCetera Museum opened boasting film props, pre-production items and varying costumes (not limited to the world of Star Trek). Props and costumes from films such as Harry Potter, Thunderbirds, Titanic and Superman are on display. TrekCetera holds a piece of Titanic history—an actual dish from the original ship. This precious artefact is paired with a display discussing both the film and the real-life tragedy. TrekCetera needed a bigger space to expand in, and moved to Drumheller, Alberta in 2016. Vulcan and Drumheller are neighbours in the Alberta Badlands so the move made perfect sense.

It is shaping up to be a busy summer in Vulcan. From Vulcon to Canada Day celebrations there are events each weekend to keep visitors entertained. This eclectic town is full of fun photo ops and even if you’re not a Trekkie, the kookiness of it all will compensate.

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