Edmonton Events: Edmonton Burlesque Festival

nightlife6th Annual Burlesque Fest

Burlesque is booming in YEG. The Fringe finished with sold out burlesque shows every night. The popularity of this unique art is growing and continues to expand. One of the major draws is the inclusiveness of burlesque dancing.  

Bunny Competition

Summer draws to a close with the ultimate burlesque event of the year – Burlesque Festival. The three-day event will showcase a dynamic cast of local and internationally renowned burlesque stars. The festival is geared towards the local, national and international theatre and arts community — and of course, anyone that just wants to see some fabulous performers strut their stuff. 


The 2018 roster is impressive, Judith Stein is one of the biggest burlesque superstars in the world right. Not only is she a body positive, sex positive, burlesque icon – she is also a game changer; demonstrating that sex appeal has no limits on age.

On advice for first time festival-goers-hold on to your proverbial hats. Your life is about to change.  Some who are new to burlesque find that they get addicted.  Some who come for the first time may find something that they may not have calculated or expected.  These feelings can only be had in the audience of a real live theatre. The energy in the live audience is unlike anything you can find behind a computer or with a phone in front of your face.  Open your minds and hearts, so we can break them.

It’s safe to expect the unexpected at burlesque variety shows. The Edmonton scene is known for classic acts, boylesque and clowns. This years lineup of performers will surely have some new tricks dangling from their pasties. 

yeg burlesque

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