Halloween Horror: The Exorcist

For the Exorcist it was a bit hard to decipher a particular scene that stood out from the rest. The film builds up from previous events. Each event is needed in order to make the film effective. This film includes typical gothic elements. It makes the Catholic Church made to be a bit of a joke. We witness the Father’s of the church drinking and being depressed. Illustrating no faith in God.  Karass is presented as an emotional goof. He drinks; he behaves in ways not fit to the Church. His mother has just passed away. He is emotionally weak. He is not in a state to play any form of heroic role.

Reagan is presented as picture of innocence. She is oddly cute and naïve for the age of twelve. The story develops effectively with the protagonist, turned antagonists cute, childish behavior.The flash of the devil is effective for captivating viewer interest when Reagan is in the hospital for examination. It foreshadows what is to come for Reagan, The flash of the devilish image appears again in the oven, and doorway of the house. It is utterly disgusting when she is stabbing herself in her genitals with the cross. This is direct disrespect to Catholicism and the belief in Christ. It is shocking and I think that is why it so effective in developing fear. It is completely the unthinkable. Reagan is the picture of innocence. The possession robs her of her innocence and makes her completely vulgar and crude.

 The projectile vomit on Father Karass shows even more disrespect to the idea of God. It is horrifying. It is an image that stays in your mind even after the film is over. There is evil that does exist in the world. This movie is the epitome of everything human nature needs to be afraid of.  Karass is presented as a source of Hope for Chris. Yet, Karass himself is corrupted. In the end only we can save ourselves. That is the most terrifying theme a movie can establish. Human nature against evil is a no-win situation. Humans are evil by nature, and thus without a higher source to look up to we are ultimately damned. It is a great contrast when we see the evil, possessed Reagan and then we overhead the tape of her in her prime of innocence doing a recording for her father.

 The most horrifying scene in the film is when Karass sees ‘Help Me’ on Reagans stomach. The room is freezing cold, and you can sense the power of evil. The struggle between humanity and evil is clearly displayed. As a follower of Catholicism I found the storyline shocking and utterly frightening.

The fact that Burk died with his head turned completely around sends chills. It implies the devil is fighting against the church and will do anything in power to eliminate the message of God. The devil is real. It is horrifying to imagine, and witness the power the devil has over the human mind. Most Gothic tales cannot discuss the devil without sounding cliché and foolish. The Exorcist mastered satan. The story successfully pinpoints the power of the devil, and presents the power in the most shocking way.


About Lisa Lunney

A Canadian gal that firmly believes words can change the world. An avid reader, writer and Autumn/Winter lover. She excels at communications and writes for pleasure and profession.
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