Music: Ode To The Cure: Celebrating Love Song

MusicThe Cure’s Love Song

Love is complicated, painful, beautiful–the feeling that makes the world keeps spinning. Without love, life would not be worth living. There would be no purpose in being alive. 

Epic love stories weren’t meant to be comprehended and dissected. The Cure’s Love Song explores the complicity and beauty of love. This single was released in 1989 from The Cure’s eighth studio album Disintegration. I don’t think there is another musician who compares to the Cure’s front man Robert Smith. Every song of his reminds me of a certain time of my life. His lyrics help me keep myself together, and keep everything in life in its right place. There is not a single Cure song that doesn’t’t deeply resonate with me. The Cure can be labeled as Goth-Rock, British New Wave, Post-Punk, New Romantics, Pre-Alternative, but I believe a one-word-description fits: perfection. 

Love Song changed my life. I identify with every single word; it is amazing to know that someone else, somewhere in time identified with every emotion I was feeling at that exact time. It’s in between the words, lyrics and moments where the true depth of belief anchors the heart. What once was will always be. That’s what Love Song preaches, and reinforces. True love that only mends never breaks. Many other artists including; Death Cab for Cutie, 311, Nina Sky, Tori Amos and Adele have made their own cover of Love Song, but nothing compares to The Cure’s masterpiece.  Every other artist whom has attempted is lacking the same grace as The Cure.

It is classic, and the power of the original will never be duplicated. Love Song details the classic expression of the love that happens between two humans, and the unbreakable bond love creates, “however far away I will always love you”. Love is the power that can save your life, “you make me feel like I am free again,” it allows for you to escape whatever troubles you and to “feel like (you) are whole again”. Though it may carry a tone of sadness, Love Song is one of the most inspirational, uplifting songs I have ever been graced with listening to. It is the kind of song that makes me excited to be alive. Love! What a wonder! Time and changes may occur, but Love Song carries the depth of “I will always love you…” The mind of Robert Smith created such an epic, beautiful love story that enchants you. The lyrics make you feel inspired, and excited for what is yet to come. There’s nothing greater than having a sense of hope for things that have yet to pass. Love Song fills you with warmth that somewhere out there someone loves you so intensely and fiercely that they can identify with every word in this song. It’s marvelous to know that someone believes in you. It’s the best feeling I can think of. Love Song combines all these great feelings and leaves you filled with love, hope and faith.  Love Song is pure lyrical and musical euphoria; it is the kind of song that inspires you to live your life with your heart open to the beauty that is love. Whether, you are feeling loved or lonely, Love Song speaks to you; it tugs at the innermost core of your heart and makes you feel alive.

Give it a listen?


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A Canadian gal that firmly believes words can change the world. An avid reader, writer and Halloween enthusiast. She has a special interest in communications and writes for pleasure and profession. She moonlights as a metaphysical maven with a knack for creating magical crystal jewelry and holiday accessories.
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