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Nu-Wave Enviro Solutions Inc ensure their users receive the best possible product, and the added peace of mind of knowing the product was created with the preservation of the environment in mind.


Nu-Wave is a company that prides themselves on creating cutting edge products, and consistently remaining environmentally friendly. In the oil and gas industry there is always negative attention regarding the effect of the industry on the environment. Nu-Wave is trying to pave the path of least resistance for the future of the industry; by creating efficient, environmentally friendly products, the need for harsher, non-friendly products will lessen over time. Users will see how wonderful products like The Juice are, and they will no longer feel the need to use aggressive chemical solutions for cleaning purposes.


Nu-Wave has launched their first technical grade cleaning solution, known as “The Juice.” This Nu-Wave product is a safe alternative to toxic, hazardous and dangerous petroleum-derived chemicals. This organic chemical is used in the oil and gas industry, but can be used for many other applications.




Nu-Wave is proud to present their first product to clients, “The Juice.” The Juice is an industrial strength cleaner, and degreaser made from biobased ingredients. It is a safe alternative to toxic, hazardous and dangerous petroleum-derived chemicals. The cleaner is a biodegradable solvent that has a positive environmental profile and outstanding cleaning results. These facts have earned the product acceptance in many chemical applications.


The Juice readily removes hydrocarbons, without emitting carcinogens, hazardous air pollutants, or ozone depleting compounds. The Juice is composed of a neutral pH, so no harmful chemicals are emitted into the environment. Unlike other powerful cleaners that have strong offensive scents, The Juice has a mild citrus aroma. It is refreshing, and not harmful to the user.


The Juice can be used for industry purposes, such as: road crews, asphalt and roofing, maintenance shops, industrial machine shops, flooring companies, adhesives, automotive and manufacturing. The Juice had led to great results in the following applications: removal of tar; asphaltenes, greases and heavy oils, parts washer solvent, equipment degreaser—dissolves adhesives and waxes, cleans concrete, removal of graffiti, sewage treatment solvent, electronics cleaner and a metal cleaner safe for all metals.


This list does not limit the use of The Juice strictly for these purposes; instead it is a list that boasts the successful use of The Juice for these varying industries.



The Juice is made with the environment in mind, with ingredients directly from the environment. Nu-Wave is proud to boast The Juice is made from plant-based products. Derived from nature, with the preservation of nature in mind.






(On the juice brochure there is a spelling error, in the first paragraph environmental)



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