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Throughout our lifetime the person we see as a best friend takes on many different faces, some stick around and help us shape us into the person we are meant to be; some exit our lives just as quickly as … Continue reading

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It has been a very trying past few weeks. Mothers day was hard. Every second I thought of my Grandmother. How much I loved her. How much I missed her. Her voice, and the way it used to soothe me…and … Continue reading

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My Distant Friend, Remains My Closest

My distant friend, remains my closest Friendship means a variety of things to different people. Love, relation, time, memories. Everyone has a reason why a certain friendship exists. But what really makes one friendship different than the other? more love? … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Ry!

Happy 22nd Birthday Ryan! Today is an important day. It marks the day of your birth. The day you came into this world. One of the most important days in a calendar year. One of the days that changed many … Continue reading

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Ryan: Always Love Your are my phoenix. Someone so special, and amazing many believe to be a creature of myth. You fought the battle, the fires of cancer and rose above them to be reborn. I know you’re at peace. … Continue reading

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